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Prototypes Wave 3 (Extremely limited)

Prototypes Wave 3 (Extremely limited)


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These are TheNext7 first shot factory prototypes for wave 3a/b produced in 2023/24.

Each order is for only 1 figure unless explicitly stated otherwise.

These pieces were created during the mold creating process as ‘first mold shot prototypes’. Based on the designer feedback on these first shots the mold is either further refined or approved. The prototypes are created with whatever plastic color is on hand in the factory at the time. As limbs, heads, and bodies come from different mold parts, different colors will appear in first mold shots.

As these are prototypes there can be slight differences with the final products.

Dimensions: 10 x 3,7 x 1,6 cm
Weight: 22 grams

For wave 3a/b the figures, soft goods, and weapons all came at different times from different factories which is why the prototypes do not come with either accessories or soft goods.

A certificate of authenticity is sent along with the order.

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