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Leia Upgrade Pack

Leia Upgrade Pack


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The perfect Upgrade Kit to gear up your 80s action figures. Note: no action figures or backdrops included. Backdrops sold separately on this site.

- 1 factory produced plastic comm (grey) (not resin!) (not repro!)
- 1 factory laser cut cloth capes (white)

Will fit most 80s 3.75 action figures.

The cloth cape is made from a material very similar to that found in vintage lines, with one side being slightly plush to the touch and the other being more rough. The comm is a unique TN17 design and can easily be distinguished from the Cloud Car Pilot comm.

Ages 40 and up ;)

And, just to be clear, none of the additional (vintage) toys and playsets depicted are included; they're just there for size comparison.

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