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Ephant Desert Cloak

Ephant Desert Cloak


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Limited edition sand person cloak color. For desert cantina visits on rowdy Friday nights.

High quality, factory injected (steel mold), articulated figure. This is NOT a 3D print! This figure is solid and heavier than the vintge Wampa or two Gamorrean Guards.

See a review by Toy Polloi here

- 1 figure
- 1 stick

Choosing the color for the cloak was difficult. I always believed his cloak should be similar in color to the ones seen on other desert denizens. The reason the cloak might appear darker is due to the fact that this figure enjoys standing in shadowy backgrounds for no apparent reason. 

I ordered one figure custom made for myself in the lighter color (for research purposes of course and, well, because I wanted one.) It looked really good, especially in a cantina setting. Posting some pictures I received requests for this item. Not enough for a full run, but enough for me to go out on a limb and order some (again, mostly because I wanted a few more for myself)

There are a few left and I'll never re-order as the numbers just don't make sense in any real-world financial way. 

Payment charged solely for the effort needed to create a unique, 80s style inspired parody design.

Ages 40 and up ;)

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