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Dark Side Ephant

Dark Side Ephant


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High quality, factory injected (steel mold), articulated figure. This is NOT a 3D print! This figure is solid and heavier than the Wampa or two Gamorrean Guards.

See a review by Toy Polloi here: Toy Polloi 2

Custom design. Limited number for collectors and diorama builders. Same quality as the toys you enjoyed in the 80s.

- 1 figure (4POA)
- 1 stick accessory

Yes, I'm terrible at taking photos (and many other things, believe me), but won't it be nice to get a product that actually looks better than it's promotional materials for once? So let's just pretend that this was totally intentional.

And, just to be clear, none of the additional characters and playsets depicted are included; they're just there for size comparison.

Payment charged solely for the effort needed to create a unique, 80s style inspired parody design.

Ages 40 and up ;)

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