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Dark Side Ben

Dark Side Ben


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High quality, factory injected (steel mold), fully articulated figure. This is NOT a 3D print! Custom design. Limited number for collectors and diorama builders. Same quality as the toys you enjoyed in the 80s.

- 1 Figure (5POA)
- 2 Red Sabers

The card kit version includes additional items:
- Loose cardback
- Loose blister

For the optional card kit version you get the figure, the bubble, and the card seperately to put together whatever way you please (I'm carding my figures with two strips of doublesided 3M tape.) The cardstock is the highest quality I could source (a full 1.8mm! ~ much thicker than modern cards and unlikely to warp over time.) The stock surface treatment makes the colors pop but feels a little more rough to the touch.

Please note that the sabers are not resin or 3D printed. They are high quality, factory produced items from steel molds. Although these will fit in seamlessly with your vintage toys, these are NOT reproductions of vintage weapons. The designs are TN17 originals and can be distinquished from vintage originals: the hilt has three buttons on one side only and is slighlty thicker, making it possible for most 80s figures to hold it without dropping.

Payment charged solely for the effort needed to create a unique, 80s style inspired parody design.

Ages 40 and up ;)

And, just to be clear, none of the additional characters and playsets depicted are included; they're just there for size comparison.

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