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Catch up set wave 2 sith

Catch up set wave 2 sith


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High quality, factory injected (steel mold), articulated figures. These are NOT a 3D prints!

See a review by Toy Polloi here:  

Custom design. Limited number for collectors and diorama builders. Same quality as the toys you enjoyed in the 80s.

- 9 articulated figures

For those of you who want to catch up on wave 2 before Xmas and the release of wave 3 + 4, here's a one-time limited deal ;)

Yes, I'm terrible at taking photos (and many other things, believe me), but won't it be nice to get a product that actually looks better than it's promotional materials for once? So let's just pretend that this was totally intentional.

Payment charged solely for the effort needed to create a unique, 80s style inspired parody design.

Ages 40 and up ;)

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