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Black Baby Snow Bear

Black Baby Snow Bear


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High quality, factory injected (steel mold), fully articulated figure. This is NOT a 3D print!
Custom design. Limited number for collectors and diorama builders. Same quality as the toys you enjoyed in the 80s.

- 1 black baby figure (6POA)
- Comes with 1 yummy bone
- Coin (optional)
- Acrylic Coin Case (optional)

Beast Coin 01:
The TN 17 Beast Coins are a high quality metal coins. They are 39mm in diameter, 2,3mm thick, and approx 17 grams. There is an option for a form-fitting custom acrylic case.


And, just to be clear, none of the additional (vintage) toys and playsets depicted are included; they're just there for size comparison.

Payment charged solely for the effort needed to create a unique, 80s style inspired parody design.

Ages 40 and up ;)

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